USOWC Mission and Organizing Principles

The US Offshore Wind Collaborative is catalyzing the American offshore wind energy market through partnerships, analysis, and new ways of thinking about challenges and solutions.

Our goal is to help coastal and Great Lakes states move to a clean, sustainable, and secure energy future by adding offshore wind to America’s energy portfolio.

The Collaborative’s Board of Directors and Program Partners include national leaders in government, industry, academia, and environmental advocacy. Our work is non-partisan and framed by four organizing principles:

  • Envisioning a Clean, Secure Energy Future

    Over-dependence on fossil fuels has immediate, cumulative, and systemic impacts on human health, the environment, and national security.  America must aggressively pursue cleaner, more sustainable and secure energy pathways now. 
  • Harnessing an Opportunity

    Offshore wind, an abundant renewable resource close to major load centers, is the best opportunity for coastal and Great Lakes regions to make a significant contribution to the nation’s energy portfolio. Taking on the short-term challenges associated with building this new clean energy industry will yield long-term energy, environmental and economic benefits.
  • Making the Business Case

    Market-scale offshore wind development has transformative economic potential: industrial scale job creation, new manufacturing, advanced transmission, and revitalized maritime infrastructure. Realizing this potential requires a long-term, market-based, sustainable industrial development strategy.
  • Creating a Venue for Collaboration

    Seizing the offshore wind opportunity calls for regional infrastructure and deployment approaches, supported by national clean energy policy and federal investment. Individual state action alone is not enough to build a cost-competitive domestic offshore wind industry.