A Brief History of the US Offshore Wind Collaborative

The US Offshore Wind Collaborative has its roots in an informal partnership that emerged shortly after the nation’s first offshore wind farm proposal, Cape Wind, brought this new renewable energy opportunity  to the nation’s consciousness in 2001. After exploring Europe’s decade-plus experience with wind energy in the marine context, learning about the potential of our domestic offshore wind resources, and gaining first hand experience in the initial permitting process around Cape Wind, the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative joined with the US Department of Energy (DOE) and GE Wind Energy to consider the question: what would it take to build an offshore wind industry here, and do it right?” 

Milestone achievements of that organizing group include:

An expanded steering committee including environmental advocates, clean energy organizations, universities and regional groups continued the move towards establishing a broad collaborative effort to catalyze an American offshore wind industry:

  • The first convening of states interested in offshore wind development, held at the American Wind Energy Association’s first Offshore Wind Workshop in Willmington DE, 2008.
  • A progress report and call to action, US Offshore Wind Development: A Path Forward (2009)
  • Incorporating as the independent 501 (c)3 US Offshore Wind Collaborative, Inc., in 2010.