USOWC Strategic Approach

Envision the Future: Plan Long-Term

USOWC is reframing the conversation about the offshore wind opportunity in America. We champion a new perspective and fresh analysis that envisions a clear path to an offshore wind build-out beyond the simple view of individual projects built in isolation: we look to a wholly new industrial infrastructure model focused on the long term. Such a vision—well developed and peer-reviewed; based on solid economic modeling, technology projections, and environmental benefits; and effectively communicated to motivate rate-payers and policy makers—will put the immediate challenges in context and give offshore wind advocates the tools to respond to short-term thinking.

Connectivity Builds Markets and Solutions

USOWC manages the Offshore Wind Supply Chain Working Group to support and advance regional industrial infrastructure development and foster connections among trade associations, state and federal agencies and international partners. We also network with key subject matter experts to help address challenges faced by the US offshore wind industry—including finance, insurance, marine spatial planning, and technology development—by collaborating on education forums, translating information for stakeholder audiences and creating opportunities for discussion and exchange.

Knowledge Is Power

In September 2012, USOWC will launch the Offshore WindHub, an on-line information clearing house that will be the go-to source for knowledge about the US offshore wind energy industry. This new resource will:

  • Provide easy access and links to essential federal, state, and regional documents; and organizations and initiatives covering policy, economics, technology, environmental resources, and project development.
  • Integrate important cross-sector issues like Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning (CSMP).
  • Highlight best practices in the global offshore wind marketplace.
  • Offer expert commentary and analysis on key challenges and solutions.