Offshore Wind Interconnect: Welcome!

Welcome to USOWC’s new website! Join the conversation: “What will it take to build a robust offshore wind industry in America, and get it right?”

The US is an innovation economy, built on risk taking, vision and the willingness to invest – yet we aren’t even in the race for leadership in the offshore wind sector.   While Europe already has 4 GW of clean, offshore wind power up and running, the US has yet to plant a single turbine in the seabed.  This can and will change.  Over the coming months, Offshore Wind Interconnect will feature commentary and big ideas about the future of offshore wind in America, penned by USOWC leadership and expert partners in industry, academia, government, and environmental advocacy – all of whom believe that offshore wind is a clean energy, national security opportunity America simply cannot fail to capitalize on.

We’re optimistic that collaboration in constructing a long-term vision for offshore wind in America– not short-changing the challenges but taking them head-on – will put us on a clear path to a robust, sustainable new clean energy industry.

As the fourth of July approaches, it brings to mind a time some 200-plus years ago when 13 coastal American colonies first got together.  Revolution happened.  Independence happened.  Let’s make it happen again – a Renewable Energy Revolution…

Fara Courtney, Executive Director
US Offshore Wind Collaborative

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