The Big Picture

The Department of Energy released America’s first comprehensive look at the nation’s offshore wind potential in September 2010, and established a long-term technology, policy and economic framework for launching a  sustainable new industry.

The National Renewable Energy Lab’s detailed assessment of the opportunities and challenges associated with large scale offshore wind development provides economic and technology history, status and trends in the offshore wind industry, and provides the rationale for the US to harness the opportunity.

U.S. Offshore Wind Energy: A Path Forward
In 2009 the U.S. Offshore Wind Collaborative (USOWC) published U.S. Offshore Wind Energy: A Path Forward. This document serves as a resource for government, industry, and non-governmental stakeholders by offering a snapshot of U.S. offshore wind energy activity in 2009.

A Framework for Offshore Wind in the United States
The Framework identifies the technical, environmental, economic, and regulatory needs required for the responsible development of US offshore wind energy potential, as well as strategies for addressing them.

Helpful Links

Federal Government

US Department of Energy (DOE): Offshore Wind Technology R&D. Access technology studies and funding opportunities;

US Department of the Interior (DOI), Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM): Renewable Energy.  Access information about offshore wind leasing and regulation, including State Task Force activities;

US DOI – BOEM: Environmental Studies Program: Access completed and on-going regional marine studies; analysis of environmental interactions, human use conflicts, mitigation techniques, etc;

US DOI – Bureau of Safety & Environmental Enforcement (BESEE) Renewable Energy Research: Access studies on engineering, physical oceanography, meteorological conditions, safety standards, etc;

The Multipurpose Marine Cadastre is an integrated marine information system and siting tool that provides authoritative and regularly updated ocean information, including offshore boundaries, infrastructure, energy potential, human use and other data sets


Offshore Wind Development Coalition

American Wind Energy Association